It is time to consider training. However, Dobbs is still a dog . . .


Players have been given EXP for participation and for putting up with a slow GM. Those who respond within two weeks were given 2200 XP, and those who waited longer only got half that.


Anterbach was the first to start thinking about digging outside, and for that he earned some important knowledge-experience.

Reminder! Be sure to send dice rolls, even when not attacking. I use them for all saving throws, etc. In fact, sometimes I use them for general luck.

Finally, in case you don't check the health status board, I must observe just how low the health of the fighter corps is.


Editor's Note: These are the old GM notes, and will remain until they have been replaced with something more recent.


250 EXP award to the first person to email me the answer to the following question, what is the Official PHB casting time for the Cleric spell, Heal?
50 points more, what is the modified Arcathia campaign casting time?


Here is the deal.  I am looking for you to do some writing for me.

Lets talk about the bribe first of all. I will be awarding the following.

First prize (first one complete) 3000 EXP and 3 Permanent Hitpoints

Second Prize (Drawing of those complete by Thanksgiving) One Magic Weapon (+2)

Third Prize (For all who enter by December 15th) One Scroll.(Random or Lvl 1-3 choice)

What do you have to do? I want a new character description. First of all, give us the kind of introduction that would be told around the camp fire. No more than 300 words tops.  Tell a little about your character. No secrets please. Then give me 25-50 words of description... what we see when looking at you. I want this from all of you. It will be part of the story. Please do not worry about not talking if your character is shy or whatever. I will fit it in. Oh one more thing, I will give you one potion of your choice (max 4) for every 30-50 word description you give me of a fear your character has or a family tradition that might prove interesting in a story of this type. No one knows what treasure you get. No one knows until I put your writing into the story what you send me.

Take Care,



Bonus award for searching the site, the first charcter to email with this message "found the notice" will find a small treasure on the next turn!

Bonus Experience Points

Turn Date Winner Subject Answer Points Awarded
10-1 3/98 Dev Dog's Name Jorik 250 12/28/98
10-2 3/15 Dev Held Dev's Sword Hold Spell 250 12/28/98
10-3 3/23 Dev Boomerang 1d4+1 100 12/28/98
10-6 3/24 Anterbach Vorpal Plating Mithril Coin 150 12/28/98
10-9 6/7 Florimund What was with last turn? Same Page 150 12/28/98
10-9 6/7 Bolt What was with Korg? Blade Barrier 250 12/28/98


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