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The player/webmaster responsible for declaring the game dead received the last jape, as he himself didn't post the newest turn for a month. All has been caught up in time for the new year, however.
Click on the "current turn" link to take yourself there . . .


Hail and well met. A new page has been posted, see the Current Turn link in the menu on the left. Also, be sure to check out the GM notes since they have been updated.

A brief note here, the Irony Games Dice server is listed as being "down until Saturday". If it is still down when you go to roll dice for your turn, send the GM a note to that effect, and try again later. Alternately, players who are involved in RPGchat can roll dice there . . .


Regardless of who you talk to, it's the new century and probably a new millenium. Craig has a new email address but it's the same for you guys --
In other news, the scribe is still working on the character pages . . .


Just finished some minor site design cleanup. The rules are now password protected, and all of you should have received emails regarding that. The Scribes new character sheet project is down at the bottom of the menu - he'll be cornering each of you in the next few weeks. Finally, don't forget about mailing your Graffiti each week.


Hey, Arcathia is back up and running folks!!! All traffic will be through the mailing list, as this web site will merely provide an archive point.
Some New addresses you might not be aware of:

  • Welcome to our new home! The arcathia site is a joint venture that is currently hosting two PBEM role playing games - feel free to check out the other one at any time.


Not much I can say as to why it has taken so long to get this page up. I could go on and on, not that Tony would care, and tell you how busy I have been but that is the same for all of us. We went and got old and have work. Well, at least you guys are not fat, bald, and gray around the ears. Take care guys!!


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